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 Post subject: Re: DIO news
PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 3:44 pm 
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RockHard wrote:
alsworms wrote:
I wouldn't waste your money on the Dio tribute, but I know you, Stevester.........you will anyway. :lol:

Seriously, there's a couple notable tracks.....

Anthrax' version of Neon Knights is cool
Scorps do a great job of Temple of the King
Glenn Hughes is a beast on Catch the Rainbow

On the flipside.......

Very disappointed in Halford's version of MOTSM
Tenacious D doing Last in Line.......ummmm......... :laugh:

Everything else is pretty much just so-so.

I'm curious to hear your take on it when you get a chance.....

You know I have to buy it. At this point, I think people would freak if I didn't. I have a rep to uphold. :lol:

Ordered. :tup

:BB Stand Up And Shout

Very surprised to have to agree with you about Halford! Totally disapointed, and that song, by him was one of the reasons I bought the thing in the first place. Tenacious D pretty much Effed up last in line, especially sickened with the flute or recorder solo or whatever the hell it was, in the middle. Turned what might have been a decent effort into a joke. He had no busines in there anyway. Dumb call IMHO. Did, however like Adreneline mobs "mob Rules" and Metallica's version of kill the king.

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