R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio
Monday, 17 May 2010 00:00
Ronnie James Dio


1942 - 2010

On Sunday, May 16th, 2010. The hard rock/metal fans lost a Legend. A person who's existence cannot be put into words that anyone would understand if you hadn't experienced them for yourself.

Ronnie James Dio was much more to us than one of the top voices ever heard on the planet to ever have sang a song. He was an inspiration to the masses. He was the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of us.

Most of us picked up on Ronnie when he was with Rainbow or Black Sabbath. A few others the Elf recordings. And even some with the Dio solo stuff. It doesn't matter where you came to know the name Ronnie James Dio. It was a name you would never forget.

Most of us found out Ronnie had passed within minutes of him dying. All of us sought each other out in some sort of manic disbelief. Was this really happening? Everyone handles death differently but In this instance collectively... we were too shocked to respond.

Our thoughts, prayers and love go to the family and friends who knew Ronnie and loved him.

Our condolences go to the many fans who lost their favorite vocalist that day.

No matter how you look at it... the music World will never be the same.